Our Multibusiness feature allows you to create and manage multiple businesses under the same account.

If you run more than one business with different categories or have other directors, you can create multiple businesses under the same account.

example, John has both barber shops and restaurant chains in London. He can create a business on Atoa with the name ‘John’s Barbershop’ and another as ‘John’s food chain’. The business owner can also add employees and connect the same or different bank accounts to each business added on Atoa.

If a merchant adds more than one business, they will need to do complete account verification (KYB) for each one. Atoa will also generate separate billing invoices for multiple businesses.


The multi-store feature on Atoa is ideal for businesses with more than one store location. This feature also allows owners to add employees as supervisors or cashiers. Merchants can create new stores to link different bank accounts if store-specific payments are required.

Example, John’s Food Chain has several cafes in Watford, Brentford, and Chigwell. John can assign staff to each cafe and connect unique bank accounts for every location.