Atoa offers seamless integration with a wide range of POS and e-commerce platforms. This guide is designed to provide clear and concise steps to help you integrate Atoa smoothly with your software or website.

Integrating Atoa with Your POS System

You can integrate with Atoa in a few straightforward steps. However, the integration process may vary based on user flow and specific use cases. Please reach out to our integration team for a more tailored approach.

Follow these 5 simple steps to integrate Atoa with your system.


Sign up and test: Start by signing up through Atoa’s Business app or dashboard.


Access token: Generate a test access token on the Dashboard (Profile icon > Settings > API Access).


Payment process API: Use our payment process API to create a payment link or QR code. For POS providers, this QR code can be displayed on the till screen or kiosk and printed on bill receipts. More details are available in the Generate Payment API documentation.


Webhook: Subscribe to our webhook service for real-time payment notifications. This feature is essential for updating payment status, including pending, successful, and failed transactions. Check our Webhook guide for further information.


Test and Go Live: After making a test payment, your system is ready to go live with Atoa.